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This album is an expression of one man’s search for the mystery, the sublime, the miraculous in life for which we have no name. The Whale may be a symbol for these things.
The songs were written over a period of ten years but were finally arranged and recorded for this album in 2015 in the attic of a poor peoples home. Four of the songs were also written in that house.


released August 8, 2016

Artwork by Henri Gylander

Musicians performing on this album:
Kristin Freidlitz, violin on tracks 2, 4, 6 & 7
Erik Lundin, flute on tracks 5 & 11
Henri Gylander, lead guitar on track 1 & 10
Ryan McMackin, drums on track 3
Björn Sima, drums on track 10
Johan Magnberg, drums on track 6
Jonte Johansson, vocal harmonies on tracks 6 & 10
Lisa Illy, vocal harmonies on track 10


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Rasmus Blomqvist / Rami and the Whale Sweden

Scandinavian folky/spiritual

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Track Name: Night Falls
Night falls and my heart gets weary and cold
Highs and lows take me to the kingdom of old
I am the epic that has not been told
And I see the future is yet to unfold

Daylight pushes the turmoil out of sight
Now that the messenger has brought the light
I'm the hummingbird that took his flight
And I see the northern stars shine so bright

Shadows of this fleeting world speak my name
And I fall, yes I fall for that old game
But I know deep inside I'm the same
And the game that gets me is much too lame

Silenced—I'm the rock that withstood every wave
But now that your eyes pierce me I crumble into the sea
And my song changes color like the autumn leaves
And so may the arrows of Thy love find me
Track Name: Unfinished Song
A broken heart who is wandering alone
a song that echoes in a battered mind
The king has fallen from his self-made throne
and now he trembles he is wandering blind

A lonely rambler is trespassing the plains
where ignorance and dark deeds lie
He finds himself carrying the chains
given to the blind - now he’s wondering why

Snow glimmers on a distant mountain top
I’m heading for a place so far away
O, so tired but I cannot stop
On my way I have wandered astray

Countless steps toward the distant end
Where I’ve been or who I am I will not tell
And I feel I never ever had a friend
Nor a lover to whom I could say farewell

Tall trees swaying in the winds of fate
as a I pass thru valleys of swirling snow
the cold winter left me in such a state
that not even the unfaithful can know

Wandering on - the unfinished song
Wandering on - the broken heart
I live my life like an unfinished song
I sing the unfinished song for the broken heart
Track Name: Poorhouse
Nothing to say
No candle no flame
The escape of rebirth
The songs we must sing

No time to waste
When the running is off
And I burst this cage
Let it pour out of my veins

No other place
I’m running out of space
And I can well recall
the infusion of life

On our last day
here in this house
the sun will not shine
lest the meek be embraced

Love I proclaim
is the breath of life
to the heart of mankind
It is eyes to the blind
Track Name: River
River, whence do you flow?
And how could you know of this open wound?
The sun will set too soon

River, whither can you take us
And separate the dross from the gems and diamonds?
Where the billows grow
Where the breezes blow

Now the life's starlight wanes
Soon into your mighty hand I sail

Flower, tell me where do you grow
I had one seed to sow
And I gave it to the wind
Track Name: Autumn Song
Once again you have prevailed
over me and my refuse
Fall, you cannot fail
with your magic framed in blues

Blow wind blow
the grasses wither and die
These thoughts must go
so fly swallow fly

And these sounds that break my spell
confine me in empty space
Autumn does foretell
of another time and place

We're the sowers of seeds
No more no less
No brother have I known like thee
And here there is nothing I possess

you and I
we’re forever bound
Summers must go by
for these visions to be found

This light that burns me so
as the rain pours down my face
These hills that bade me go
turn this darkness into grace
Track Name: I am Rami
I am Rami and I love trees
Oh, how I love trees
I am Rami and I love starry skies
And I can sing till the morning arrives

I am Rami and I love the sun
And I can see how life has just begun
I am Rami and I love the rain
And you can watch me grow from pain

I am Rami and I love the sea
And I can feel it surge inside of me
I am rami and I love trees
Oh, how I love trees

I love trees

out on E
Track Name: Echoes of Matter
All the echoes of matter fall apart
Never cease to sound they fall out of my heart
Speak in tongues of loving endlessly
Seeking truth or just the things I want to see

I am looking for my life
For my higher life
Will I find it beyond the horizon?
Or in the rush of time?

Flowers bend when rain is pouring down
Yes, some are willing to accept their thorny crowns
Bending down, but never lay to rest
God willing, our love will stand the test

I am looking for a word
For a single word
May I find it in some hidden book?
Or have I known it all my life?

All the echoes of matter fall apart
Never cease to sound they fall out of my heart
Speak in tongues of loving endlessly
Seeking truth or just the things I’m meant to see
Track Name: Alien
Born of the moonlight
Bred in the dawn light
Some things remain unspoken

Dancing with sorrow
Teardrops from heaven
Chased by the shallow and hollow sounds

Who has been here?
Walked through these walls
Moved within me

Fled from the haunting
The rulers of night
Found herself alien to all but to wind
I find myself alien to all but to God
We find ourselves alien
To all
Track Name: Shipwreck
I am a shipwreck on your shore
and I’ll be stranded here forever
I am a shipwreck on your shore

I face the fear of losing myself
facing down towards the path
I walked so many times but seldom understood
I am a prisoner I am a villain
The sea is kind and the sea is just
Forgiveness marks the end of days
Punishment is the final blessing
choices made in some dry state

And I am washed upon a shore
The seas did bring me here alone
My limbs are scattered on this shore
I am a shipwreck on your shore
I am a shipwreck on your shore
I am a shipwreck on your shore
on your shore
Track Name: Waiting
I'm waiting here
for the clouds to disperse
The waving birch
before me thirst

But I am without water
I'm no cloud above this earth
I am the wind
The dry wind

Songs that never came
would they tear me apart
The earth can't take the rain
when it falls so hard

But I'm no constant river
nor a tree along the shore
I am the spring

Night falls into
a morning so kind
The violet and blue
leave me sleepless behind

But I'm not taking refuge
in the drought of human nature
I spread my wings

Yes, I’m no longer willing
to keep myself apart
I seek reunion
I seek religion
Track Name: Kitchen Song
Now I’m facing my restless soul
My child is gone away
Chased from shadows and mud

Now I’m facing my lonely bird
My hollowness reaches out
And I cannot see my own hand

With you my divine I cannot compromise
My throat is dry without you
And here I wander off once more

Now I’m facing the seventh wave
I’ll be washed away before you know
But we will meet again
Track Name: Tiny Seed
Oh I’m a solitary tree
My branches clad with snow
Though the sun be distant
I can feel the glow

Oh friends and dear foes
I’m but singing for the poor
Now the falcon is soaring
spring is at the door

And it's a wonder what will spring from a tiny seed
from the palm of my hand to a mighty tree
And I wonder where my patience will carry me
From the depths of delusion to clarity?
To the place of dawn inside of me?

The heart belongs in the garden
But now it runs in wilderness
The wolves may scatter
But where will you find rest?

"In the land of the Beloved"
So Fatima was told
When she was lifted by her tears
To that heavenly abode

And it's a wonder what will spring from a tiny seed
From the palm of my hand to a mighty tree
And I wonder where this steed of pain will carry me
Is it death to the world that’s calling me?
is it the place of dawn inside of me?

So long ago
So far away
So long my friend
I can’t remain in this land

Carried by the wind
a leaf from afar
I have but one question
before I lose my heart

Am I the Jonah of lovers
Or the Boethius of faith
The coward on the run
Or the victim of my state

And as I close my eyes
There's a tree that grows
How did you find me?
Heaven only knows

And it's a wonder what will spring from a tiny seed
from the palm of my hand to a mighty tree
And I wonder where my certitude will carry me
From the veils of self to unity
To the place of dawn inside of me?

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